Happy New Year from Essex Bridge Center!

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2017!

Let’s start the year right by improving our bridge game!


Comprehensive Lessons for Intermediates
With Alan Powell
Mondays Mornings 9:30 – 11:30              $15
No Partner Needed

Jan 23            Roman Keycard
Jan 30            Jacoby 2NT – Part I
Feb 6             Jacoby 2NT – Part II
Feb 13            Splinters


Low-Mid Intermediate Workshops
With Dominick D’Ascoli
Saturday Mornings  9:00 – 11:15              $12
No Partner Needed

Jan 21            Weak Two Openers – Part I
Opening Requirements, Competing with Weakness

Jan 28            Weak Two Openers – Part II
Responder:  Feature Asking, Bidding a New Suit

Feb 4              2NT Openers and Responses
Natural, Stayman, Jacoby and Slam

Feb 11            2C Openers and Responses – Part I
Responder:  Bidding a New Suit, Slow Arrival vs Fast Arrival

Feb 18            2C Openers and Responses – Part II
Responder:  Second Negative Responses


FREE Evening Lectures with Alan Powell and Meagan Powell
One-Page Handout
Note:  Dates were originally reported incorrectly on our calendar. 
These are the correct dates.

Tuesdays     6:00pm  with Alan Powell

1-17    Competing Effectively – Part I
1-24    Competing Effectively – Part II
1-31    Competing Effectively – Part III
2-7      Support Doubles
2-14    New Minor Forcing
2-21    Swiss Team Strategy

Thursdays   6:00pm   with Meagan Powell

1-19    Michaels Cuebids – Part I
1-26    Michaels Cuebids – Part II
2-2      Unusual NT
2-9      Simple Overcalls – Part I
2-16    Simple Overcalls – Part II: Cuebid Raises
2-23    Big Overcall Takeout Double

Upcoming December Events at Essex Bridge Center

Miriam Steinberger Memorial Pairs

Upgraded Club Championship
Extra Points, No Extra Card Fee
Tuesday Evening, December 20th
Open and 499 Games – 6:30pm
Special Snacks

Miriam Steinberger was one of the founders of the Essex Bridge Center in 1960.
She oversaw the Center’s beginning in Montclair, its growth in West Orange,
and its move to its current location in Livingston, NJ.
She owned and managed the Center for 25 years until her retirement in 1995.
A beloved bridge teacher in NJ, she also served the New Jersey Bridge League
as its secretary and as a member of its board. She worked tirelessly to enrich
the game of Duplicate Bridge until her death from cancer.
Voluntary Donations will be Accepted for the American Cancer Society


Club Championship Week
Monday, December 12 – Saturday, December 17
All Open and 499 Games
and Thursday Evening 0-299 Game
Extra Points, No Extra Card Fee

8 Is Enough Swiss Teams
Fri Eve – December 16th 6:30pm
Lite Pizza Dinner served at 6:00pm

499 Swiss Teams
Sat Aft – December 17th 12:30pm
Lite Lunch served at 12 noon

Registration for Swiss Team Events Required – Sign up at Director Desk


We are CLOSED all day on Saturday, December 24th.
We are OPEN on Saturday, December 31st.


Player Recognition Party on New Year’s Day
SUNDAY, January 1st
Yes, we are open on a Sunday for this special event

12:00pm Special Lunch and Desserts
12:30pm Open and 0-499 games

Upgraded Club Championship
Extra Points, No Extra Card Fee

In previous years we have been filled to capacity and have had to turn players away!
Please make reservations early!
Reservations will be accepted by email, phone and in person starting on Monday, December 19th.

Upcoming Events at Essex Bridge Center

Club Appreciation Week
Tuesday, October 4 – Monday, October 10
All Open and 499 Games
Extra Points, no Extra Card Fees

8 Is Enough Swiss Teams
Friday Evening, Oct 7
6:30pm (Lite Pizza Dinner at 6pm)

499 Swiss Teams
Saturday Afternoon, Oct 8
12:30pm (Lite Lunch at Noon)

Teams Game – 5% of all Team-Game Masterpoints are GOLD points



We are CLOSED Tuesday Evening, October 11 and
CLOSED all day Wednesday, October 12 for
Yom Kippur



STaC – Sectional Tournament at the Club
Wednesday, October 26 – Tuesday, November 1
All Afternoon and Evening Open Games
All Afternoon and Evening 499 and 299 Games
No Morning Games award Silver Points

Extra Silver Points, no Extra Card Fees

499 Swiss Teams
Wednesday Afternoon, Oct 26

Open Stratified Swiss Teams
Friday Evening, Oct 28
6:30pm (Lite Pizza Dinner at 6pm)

199 Swiss Teams
Saturday Afternoon, Oct 29
12:30pm (Lite Lunch at Noon)


New ACBL Policy for 1NT Openings.

The ACBL has changed its policy regarding opening 1NT with a singleton.

From the ACBL website:

Here is the new definition, effective Aug. 1:
“A notrump opening or overcall is natural if, by agreement, it contains no void, at most one singleton which must be the A, K or Q and no more than two doubletons. If the hand contains a singleton, it may have no doubleton.”
This includes hand patterns such as 5-4-3-1, 6-3-3-1 and 4-4-4-1, in addition to those that were previously allowed, such as 4-3-3-3, 5-3-3-2 and 5-4-2-2.

You can read the whole explanation here.

No guidance yet on possible changes to the Alert/Announcement procedure for 1NT openings.

Upcoming Events in August

NAP – North American Pairs Qualifying Games

Friday, August 5 12:30pm Lite Lunch at Noon
Saturday, August 20 12:30pm Lite Lunch at Noon
Monday, August 29 12:30pm
Tuesday, August 30 12:30pm
Tuesday, August 30 6:30pm
Wednesday, August 31 12:30pm

50% Red and 50% Black Points
No Extra Card Fee

Club Championship Week
Extra Points – No Extra Card Fee

Monday, August 22 – Saturday, August 27
All Open and 499 Games

499 Swiss Teams Wed Aft, August 24 12:30pm
Open Swiss Teams Fri Eve, August 26 6:30pm Lite Pizza Supper

Essex Bridge Center is joining The Common Game!!!!

New Features

• Results by Email after the game
• Analysis for selected hands provided on The Common Game website
• Advanced Statistics available at the Common Game website
• The Same Hands are played by all clubs that participate so you can discuss hands with friends and partners around the country

How do I get my results by Email?

Option 1:
Email your ACBL # (typed in subject line) to: FastResultsHelpDesk@gmail.com
(No need for any message in the body of the email)


Option 2:
• Type your ACBL number in the login field on the top right hand corner of the page and click “Login”
• Click on “Modify Profile” on the top right hand corner
• Fill in your ACBL, name and email address in the form
• Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page
Once you’ve done this, you will receive emailed results after each common game you play in. If you do not see emailed results, be sure to check your spam folder as results often get stuck in the spam folder. If you have any issues signing up, please contact Sara@TheCommonGame.com.

Does the Common Game award extra masterpoints?

No, the Common Game does not award any ACBL masterpoints at all. The Common Game combines scores and puts together an overall game with new winners, but the only ACBL masterpoints awarded are the ones awarded at your local club.

I just want to play. Do I have to worry about The Common Game?

• No, Results will be posted on the internet as usual.
• Nothing about the actual game will be different.
• The Common Game is just an extra feature for those who wish to participate

Congratulations to the STAC Open Swiss Winners Friday Evening 6/17


The winners of the 6/17 Friday Evening Open STAC Swiss Teams are Neeta Mone, John Anderson, Dave DuBois and Steven Garreffa.

STaC Week Is Here

STaC Week – Sectional Tournament at the Club

Monday, June 13 – Saturday, June 18th
All Open and 0-499 Games

PLUS Wednesday Afternoon, June 15 499 Swiss Teams 12:30pm

PLUS Friday Evening, June 17 Open Stratified Teams 6:30pm Lite Pizza Supper served at 6:00p

PLUS Saturday Afternoon, June 18 199 Swiss Teams 12:30pm Lite Lunch served at noon

SILVER points at sectional rating
NO Extra Card Fee
Essex Bridge Center will absorb the $1.50 extra required fee per player in in each STaC game.

Joe Gold and Peter Jones win the Bob Ryder Memorial Pairs

Congratulations to Joe Gold and Peter Jones on winning the 12th Annual Bob Ryder Memorial Pairs.

Congratulations to the Eight is Enough Swiss Team Winners 5/13

The Friday May 13th Eight is Enough Swiss Team winners are Judy Skillman, Susan Atteridge, Dave Dubois and Ruth Yeselson.