HAPPY THANKSGIVING and good luck in Denver

A most happy Thanksgiving to all and best of luck to all our players who are competing in the Denver Bridge Fall Nationals.  We will be OPEN all day Wednesday Nov. 24th including for the evening 199 game, CLOSED all day Thursday Nov. 25th, Thanksgiving, and reopening on Friday morning with the 299 game and then the 12:30 Open game.

No Beginner Workshop Saturday, November 28th. Afternoon Open game as usual

Monday, Nov. 30 4:00 pm:  Second Lecture on Signals (Arlene)

Saturday Dec. 5th 9:00 am:  Beginner Workshop on Preempts (Deb)

Club Championship Week (extra points in all Open, 499, and Team Games) is coming December 7-13.  8 is Enough Teams will be 6:30 December 11th Friday, 499 Teams will be 12:30 December 12th Saturday.  Preregistration required for all team games.

Week of November 16

Beginners continue as usual as well as other games and lesson-games.  Here are the special items this week.

11/16   9:30 am    Modern Bidding Techniques “Overcalls, Responses, Rebids” (Ken)

11/16   4:00 pm   “Squeezes II” (Arlene)

11/17   5:45 pm   “Texas Transfers” (Alan)

11/18   12:30 pm   0-499 Swiss Teams – preregistration required!

11/19   5:45 pm   “The Strip & Endplay” (Alan)

11/21   9:00 am   “Overcalls” Saturday Morning Beginners’ Workshop (Deb)

Call for players interested in TEAMS PRACTICE SESSIONS

The following is from George Browne:

The Most Challenging Game – Teams

Team games are the purest form of bridge competition.  Can my team do better than our opponents playing the same cards?

The ACBL offers team competitions from the club level through sectional and district levels on up to national and international championships.  The Grand National Teams offers competition to Non-Life Master, B (less than 2,500 mp), A (less than 6,000 mp), and Open Teams.

One way to build good teams is to practice, practice . . .

I propose we plan one practice session a month.  Come with a favorite partner, play several (6-8) hands against another team; then gather to analyze the hands and talk about them and about team tactics.  If I can work it out with the Powells, one or two of the hands will come from top level competition, so we can see how we might have done against world champions.

Our goals–to shape up teams for club games, Unit 140 Double Knockouts, and for the Grand National District 3 qualifying tournament–scheduled for May 2016.

If you are interested, sign up at the Essex Bridge Center or email George Browne at brownege@shu.edu.

Beginner Lessons Continue

Now that the six free lessons have been completed our beginner classes continue at the same time and same place (Mondays at 9:10am and again at 6:30pm at Essex Bridge Center) for $12 each player each time.  We hope you’ve had a chance to see how much fun the game of bridge is and that you are excited to keep learning more. 

Don’t worry if you miss one or two for family reasons or travel, this happens, we all have busy lives.  Don’t forget either about the Saturday Morning Workshops for beginners (This Saturday’s Workshop is on 5-3 Major Suit Fits).  These cover the same topics we have covered in the Monday classes a few week afterwards so they are a good place both to reveiw and/or to catch up if you have had to miss any class.  Scroll down to see the full schedule in the Saturday Workshops box at the right side of your screen.

November is Here

All games and lesson-games including the beginners on Monday mornings and evenings are as usual.  Here are the special things coming up.

11/3   5:45 Tuesday Alan’s lecture before the evening game “Cappelletti

11/4   4:00 Wednesday Herb’s lecture after the afternoon game “Deceptive Play

11/5   5:45 Thursday Alan’s lecture before the evening game “Counting Part I

11/7   9:00 Deb’s Saturday Morning Workshop for Beginners “The 5-3 Major Suit Fit

11/9   9:30 Monday Ken’s morning class “Takeout Doubles, Responses, Rebids

11/18   12:30 Wednesday 499 NLM Teams (preregistration required, ask Ken if you need help forming a team)

Week of 10/26

All games and lesson-games are as usual including the beginners on Monday morning and evening.  Following are the special items for the week.

10/26 Monday 9:30 “Strong Openings, Responses, Rebids” Modern Bidding Techniques (Ken)
10/26 Monday 4:00 “Squeezes I” 20 minute Intermediate Lecture (Arlene)

10/27 Tuesday 5:45 “Bidding Convention DONT” (Alan)

10/28 Wednesday 4:00 “Competitive Bidding and the Law of Total Tricks” Hour Lecture (Herb)

10/29 Thursday 5:45 “The Crossruff” Play of the Hand (Alan)

(There is no Saturday Workshop this week on Oct. 31st.)


SILVER STaC Week Oct. 19-25

Silver Points will be awarded in all Open and 499 Pair Games, all Team Games, and the Friday afternoon 299 section during the Week of Oct. 19 – 25.  Reservations are mandatory for all team games, in addition, please make reservations for all the other silver point games.  It looks to be a busy week.  Reservations help us plan how many boards to have ready, etc.

All other regular limited point games and lesson-games, including the beginners Monday morning and evening and the regular black point Friday morning 299 game, will be held as usual.

Oct. 19 Mon 9:30am Modern Bidding Techniques I Class 3 “Minor Openings, Responses, Rebids” (Ken Powell)
Oct. 20 Tues There will be no 5:45 pm lecture by Alan Powell this week
Oct. 21 Wed 4:00pm Advanced Lecture:  “Safety Plays” (Herb Freedman)
Oct. 22 Thurs There will be no 5:45 pm lecture by Alan Powell this week
Oct. 24 Sat 9:00am Saturday Morning Workshop for Beginners “Game and Point Ranges” (Deb Wyman)

Arlene DuBoff’s Adjusted Schedule

Coming Events

Club Appreciation Week runs from Oct. 12 – Oct. 18.  All Open and 499 games are extra points, no extra fee.

WE WILL BE OPEN ALL DAY MONDAY OCT. 12 COLUMBUS DAY:  Beginners 3rd Week at 9:10 am and also at 6:30 pm; Modern Bidding Techniques II second class at 9:30 am (Ken Powell); Club Appreciation Open and 499 games at 12:30; Special 20 minute lecture at 4:00 pm “Endplays II” (Arlene DuBoff); and, Intermediate 199 Lesson-Game at 6:30 pm.

10/13 Tuesday 5:45 “Competing Effectively III” (Alan Powell)

10/15 Thursday 5:45 “Set Up That Side Suit” (Alan Powell)

10/17 Saturday 9:00 am Saturday Workshop for Beginners “Opening the Bidding” (Deb Wyman)

Don’t forget STAC Silver Week is coming – Oct. 19 – 25 (see box at right)



We are excited to welcome many new people to Essex Bridge Center this week to begin learning bridge with us.  We will do our best to give you a fun and rewarding experience.

These are busy times.  Beginners start on Monday the 28th.  Herb Freedman will give his lecture on “Discards” on Wednesday afternoon after the the game.  Alan starts his Tuesday/Thursday before the evening game lectures on the 29th.  There are 2 team games on Friday Oct. 2 (see the box at right).  Arlene DuBoff gives her after game lecture on Monday the 5th (second week on “Endplays”).  And Ken starts his Modern Bidding Techniques I class on Monday morning the 5th (see the box at right).  There is something for everyone here – beginner through advanced.

Some special GUEST LECTURES have started this fall.  They are open to all interested players.  Sign-up no longer required.


Happy September! updated

We have lots going on this month and lots to anticipate in October.  Please see the team games box at right.

Please note that we will be closed Tuesday evening (only closed in the evening, open in the morning and afternoon) Sept. 22 and closed all day Wednesday, Sept. 23 for Yom Kippur.  Our regular schedule will resume Thursday morning Sept. 24.

Beginner Bridge Lessons start Monday, September 28th with morning and evening sessions – please see the box at the right for more information.

Some special GUEST LECTURES have started this fall.  Preregistration for these is suggested, there are sign-up lists at the Director’s Desk.