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IS CLOSING After Nearly 30 Years in Business

Essex Bridge Center is permanently closing after nearly 30 years of Live and Online Bridge Lessons and Games.

There are links here on the website to assist you in finding online and Live Lessons and Bridge Games.

ome Upcoming Closure Activities:

**   A Roll-Out of many of our Bridge Videos on You-Tube for free viewing by anyone

**   A Roll-Out of written Bridge Lessons in Book form available through Amazon

**   Documents you can download and print on Finding Bridge Lessons, Finding Bridge Games, Reference Documents

We are grateful for the many friends we've made through Bridge over the years.  

We appreciat
e and thank you all for your support over the years. 
Wishing you good Bridge for years to come.

Helpful Downloadable Document Links:

**  Opener's Priority List
**  The Bidding Ladder
**  Distribution Values


Looking to Play Bridge
in Some Way
with Actual People?

Looking for Bridge Lessons?

We would like to help you find different options for playing with your partners.

Below is a list of current playing options for you and partner.

If you click on one of below links,
you will find a more detailed PDF
that help
s you choose playing options.

Looking for Bridge Lessons to Continue Building your Skills?
We have several suggestions for those of you who are interested in finding In-person or Online Bridge Lessons
 Link   Bridge Lessons

Playing in a Live, In-Person Bridge Club
We have several suggestions for those of you who are interested in playing in a Live Bridge Club.
   Link   Live Bridge Play

Playing in Online BBO Games
You can choose from many different options.
We advise you choo
se a low level BBO Game if you are a 1st or 2nd year player.  

   Link     Online BBO Games

Playing in BBO's Casual Area with Friends
BBO offers an area where you can play with friends in a relaxed, non-competitive environment. 
    Link     Playing in Casual Area

     Also -   YouTube Video Explanation Link

Playing in your Living Room with Friends
Host friends for a fun, friendly activity.

   Link     Playing in Your Living Room


Online Videos and Workbooks

LINK to our YouTube Webpage:
Essex Bridge Center: 
Online Bridge Academy

Once you reach the VIdeo Website,
BOOKMARK the YouTube Page for the future..

Consider SUBSCRIBING to our Video Website in order to receive notices when new Videos are uploaded.   (Don't Forget to Ring the Bell!)


Online Videos
With Amazon Book Links

Look for PLAYLISTs for Each Series Below
Click Book for Book Link
   Click VIdeo Link for Video

Green Absolute Beginner Book
You Tube Video Playlist

Yellow Year 1 Book
Part I - YouTube Video Playlist
Part II - YouTube Video Playlist

Lavender Year 2:  Boot Camp Book
You Tube Video Playlist

Lavender Year 2:  1NT and 2NT Openings and Responses Book
You Tube Video Playlist

Blue Modern Bidding Techniques Book
There will be no Videos for this Book

Online Videos
with PDF Worksheet L

Essential Defensive Concepts
You Tube Video Playlist

Basic NT Play of the Hand
You Tube Video Playlist

Basic Trump Play of the Hand
You Tube Video Playlist

Intermediate Play of the Hand Topics
You Tube Video Playlist


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