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 Beginner Lessons

  Learn What Bridge is All Abou


   Introduction to Online Beginner Bridge

   Practice Playing a Bridge Hand

   Enroll Our 10-Week Fall

   Online Beginner Class

    Online Beginner Bridge



     10am - 11:45am     

       7pm -  8:45pm    

     Eastern Times

Fall 2023 Lessons
  for Players
  Above Absolute Beginner

   14-Minute Video Description
    of Fall 2023 Lessons

  Wednesdays with Meagan
  Reinforce and Strengthen Year
   Put together all the pieces
   of Standard Amer
ican Bridge

   Bridge Boot Camp
    10am - 11:45am
      7pm -  8:45pm
Eastern Times

      Click Here 
      to read Course Description and
      Enroll in Boot Camp 

   Thursdays with Alan
   Intermediate Lessons 

   Finding a Major Suit Fit
   After a Minor Suit Opening

10am - 11:45am     
      7pm -  8:45pm
Eastern Times

     Click Here  
to read Course Description and
    Enroll in Thursdays with Alan


Helpful Videos Link

   * Understanding Duplicate Scoring
Help Documents
   * Navigating BBO
   * Opener Priority List
   * The Bidding Ladder
   * Distribu
tion Helper
   * Opener and Responder Ranges
       With A Fit



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     Essex Bridge Center has been owned and operated year-round by the Powell family since July 1995 and is currently under the direction of Meagan & Alan Powell. 


   A family of experienced teachers, all of the Powells have worked tirelessly over the years to bring more people to the enjoyment of bridge.  Today the Center offers many online lessons and games at all levels from Beginner to Advanced players.  


   While Essex Bridge Center has closed its physical doors for good, Meagan and Alan have developed many online offerings using the latest technology available.   With more focused online practice and new written material, students are able to hone their skills more effectively.



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