Essex Bridge Center


for live, in-person Bridge

as of


September 27, 2021.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

Please read

the Reopening Announcement here for schedule and vaccination information


There are some things

that players must know and do

before returning

to live play with us.

Hope to see you all soon!

In Memoriam

Of all the traditions we hope to keep alive during this difficult time, the posting of bad news
on the whiteboard is not one of them. 
It is with deep sadness that we mark the passing of members of our Essex Bridge Center family. 
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Essex Bridge Center - The largest Bridge Club in New Jersey - welcomes players at all levels of experience, ability and interest. From complete beginners to tournament level players, all are welcome. We love bridge and want you to love it too.


          Essex Bridge Center has been owned and operated year-round by the Powell family since July 1995 and is currently under the direction of Meagan & Alan Powell. 

          A family of experienced teachers, they have worked to bring more people to the enjoyment of bridge.  Today the center offers many lessons and games below the advanced level where beginners and intermediates can develop and improve their bridge skills.  Intermediate and advanced players benefit from the latest developments in duplicate bridge including pre-dealt hands with hand records available after the game (and online) and wireless electronic pads on each table to facilitate faster and more accurate scoring.

          Roz Powell, Alan's mother and one of the original owners of the Club, presents lessons to our mid- and full-Intermediate players and shares her years of expertise with small groups each semester.

          Rob Powell, son of Roz and brother of Alan, provides computer and internet support to the business.



Essex Bridge Center

95 West Mount Pleasant Avenue

Livingston NJ 07039


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