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Practice and Play

In addition to your Wednesday classes,

we also have an optional Practice and Play session

on Saturdays mornings from 10:00am - 11:00pm

(Eastern Time)

These practice sessions on Saturdays allow you

to play more hands on each week's topic. 

There is a brief review, and then you play - play - play!

Advanced Beginner



Zoom Lessons and

Online Play

for Advanced Beginners

with Meagan Powell

Opening 1NT and 2NT

Responses for Strength and Weakness


8-Week Online Series


Players in their 2nd year of Bridge who need to expand

on the basics tools in Standard Bridge.

Any player who needs to revisit and reinforce

the 1NT and 2NT Bidding options


   * 45-minute online Zoom Lecture

   * 60-minute online Bridge Play in Shark Bridge

   * No Partner needed

When:  All times are Eastern Time

WEDNESDAYS:    Jan 4 - Feb 22

   Morning Session:  10:00am - 11:45am

   Evening Session:    7:00pm -    8:45pm

Participants choose a specific class time upon enrollment

     but will receive the Zoom links for both class times each week.

Participants can swap form their chosen time

     if necessary each week, choosing just one class time per week.


SATURDAYS - Optional BBO Lab Games for Practice in a Real Online Bridge Environment

       Saturday Mornings 10:00am - 12 Noon Eastern Time

Price for Lessons:

$ 144 for all 8 Wednesday Lessons on this topic

$ 18 for each of the 8-week Wednesday Lessons

     Pay for individual weeks or for the entire unit at one time.


          Cancellations and Refunds for each class

         will be allowed until materials are sent.


     * Pre-Class PDF Lecture Packet

        with Examples and Answers.   


     * Pre-Class Video to accompany the Lecture PDF

     *  CLASS DAY:   45-minute Zoom Lecture

           followed by 60 - minute online Shark Bridge

            Play Practice


Optional BBO Lab Games for Extra Practice

Real Bridge Environment for Practice

This is a real Bridge Game where players compete against Opponents, applying concepts

from the Wednesday class.


NOTE:  BBO Lab Games are $10

for each game per person.

More information is provided in class.

 Individual Topics for Each Week

 Wednesday, January 4th

 Class 1: 1NT & 2NT Openings: 

      Natural and Stayman Convention

   Requirements to Open 1NT 

   Requirements to Open 2NT

   Requirements to bid with a Balanced hand outside

          of the 1NT or 2NT Ranges

    Responder's Natural Bidding Choices over 1NT / 2NT

    Responder Requirements to Bid the Stayman Convention

          over 1NT / 2NT

    Opener's reaction to Responder's Stayman Bid  



 Wednesday, January 11th

 Class 2: 1NT & 2NT Openings:  

     Jacoby Transfer

   Review Requirements to Open 1NT 

   Review Requirements to Open 2NT

   Responder's Requirements to bid the Jacoby Transfer

           over 1NT / 2NT

    Opener's reaction to Responder's Jacoby Transfer

    Responder holding 5-4 in the Majors


 Wednesday, January 18th

 Class 3:  Natural Interference - Part I: 

      Over 1NT Openings 

    How Do Opponents Make an Natural Interference Bid after

          RHO's 1NT Opening?



 Wednesday, January 25th

 Class 4:  Natural Interference - Part II: 

      With 1NT Overcalls

    How Do Opponents Make a 1NT Overcall after a 1-Level Suit

            Opening bid?




 Wednesday, February 1st

 Class 5:  Practice with 1NT Openings &

     Natural Interference

   Review and Practical Application of Natural Interference over NT

   Review and Practical Application of Stayman and Jacoby

 Wednesday, February 8th

 Class 6:  Texas Transfers

     over 1NT & 2NT Openings

     Responder using the Texas Transfer instead

           of the Jacoby Transfer to show Major Suit Length


 Wednesday, February 15th

 Class 7:  Relay to the Minor over 1NT Openings

     Responder using the Relay To the Minors to show

          a weak point count and extra long Minor suit.

 Wednesday, February 22nd

 Class 8:  1NT Openings - Putting It Together

     Review and Application of Texas Transfers and

     Relay to the Minors, as well as Stayman and Jacoby bidding

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