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Practice and Play

In addition to your Wednesday classes,

we also have an optional Practice and Play session

on Saturdays mornings from 10:00am - 11:00pm

(Eastern Time)

These practice sessions on Saturdays allow you

to play more hands on each week's topic. 

There is a brief review, and then you play - play - play!

Advanced Beginner


Building on the Basics



Zoom Lessons and

Online Play

for Advanced Beginners

with Meagan Powell

Advanced Beginner Bridge - 

Continuing to Build and

Reinforce the Fundamentals


These lessons are for players who took

our Bridge I - Absolute Beginner lessons

starting in September 2021


for players who have the beginnings of Bridge and

are now looking to fill gaps in their fundamentals.

We will work in smaller topic units throughout 2022

on Wednesdays with this group.

This next cycle is a 4-week unit on Opponent Bidding.

UNIT 2:   Opponent Bidding Basics

A 4-week Bridge series on the basics

of Simple Overcalls and Takeout Doubles:

The basics of how Opponents bid in the auction.


   * 45-minute online Zoom Lecture

   * 60-minute online Bridge Play in Shark Bridge

   * No Partner needed - we will have a Partner for you.

When:  All times are Eastern Time

WEDNESDAYS -  4 Weeks on Opponent Bidding

                                  March 23 - April 13

   Morning Session:  10:00am - 11:45am

   Evening Session:    7:00pm -    8:45pm

  Participants choose either the morning or evening session

              for their primary class time.   

              One session only each Wednesday, please.

   Participants may, however, change their time of day

              on any given week if they have a scheduling conflict.

SATURDAYS - Optional BBO Lab Games for Practice in a Real Online Bridge Environment

Saturday Mornings 10am - 11:15am Eastern Time

Followed by a 30-minute Zoom Recap on Bidding

This optional Lab Exercises is through Bridge Base Online (BBO).

Players register and pay for each game on the Saturday mornings they chose to participate.

More specific information in the next column and from Meagan

at enrollment.


$ 16 for each the 4-week Wednesday Lectures

$ 64 for all 4 Wednesday Lectures on this topic

     Pay for individual weeks or for the entire unit at one time.


Saturday BBO Games have a separate $ 7 Fee

       for each of the optional  Saturday BBO Lab Games -

      paid directly to BBO

* Each week you will receive

      - Pre-Class PDF for the Lecture

      - Pre-Class Video that follows the PDF

          Cancellations and Refunds for each class

         will be allowed until materials are sent.



Technology Requirements:

Players need the right kind of technology

for the Online Play portion to work smoothly.

First Choice - Desktop Computer or

                        a Laptop Computer   

                        (Windows or Mac)

Second Choice - Tablet (IPad or similar).

   (We have experienced issues with Tablets in the past. 

       It is not perfect.)

This Class will NOT work on a Phone!


Players should download the Zoom App

onto their device.

Go to   and follow the download instructions.

Players do NOT need to find and

download Shark Bridge! 

WE will take you into our portal for online play.


Once Enrolled in the Course, players will receive

their Zoom links, PDFs, and Videos each week on Sundays.

Players join Meagan in the Zoom first

for their Wednesday classes.


Meagan will then lead players into the online playing area

after the Zoom lecture.


Optional BBO Lab Games for Extra Practice


Bridge II does not have a standard Saturday Shark Practice session.   

Instead, we introduce Bridge II players to Bridge Base Online (BBO).  

We use the BBO Bridge Software to allow players to experience a real-world Duplicate Bridge Game.


Players will keep their same Partner throughout the Lab Game, but they will:

     * Change Opponents every couple of board

     * Play based on a timed round of Bridge


     * Be able to rebid and replay the Game's hand after the Game


     * Compare your results to the other players in the Game


     * Begin to understand Scoring and its effect

                 on Player decision-making in the Auction

     * Meet with Meagan and Alan after the BBO

                  for a bidding recap (if you desire).

More information will be provided about how we use BBO

in our Bridge II classes.

NOTE:   The Wednesday Lecture Fee is separate

from the BBO Lab Game fee.   BBO charges from their platform.

BBO Lab Games are $7 for each game per person.

Individual Topics for Each Week

Wednesday, March 23

Class 1:  Simple Overcalls

Players will review the fundamentals of Simple Overcalls and Advancer bidding from Bridge I.   Players will practice and apply the ways that Opponents bid to inform Partner of Lead potential, and bid to take the contract away from Opener.

Wednesday, March 30

Class 2:  Takeout Doubles Part I

Players will learn how to search for a Major-Suit Fit in partnership when bidding as the Opponents.  Players will cover the requirements to make a Takeout Double.   Players will also cover how Partner reacts with a Fit in a Double.

Wednesday, April 6

Class 3:  Takeout Doubles Part II

Players will continue their work on the Takeout Double as Opponents looking for a Fit.   We will review Part I, and

then move into situations where the partnership cannot find an easy Fit after a Takeout Double.  Learning the difference between bidding when forced and bidding when voluntary after a Takeout Double.

Wednesday, April 13

Class 4: Combining Simple Overcalls and Takeout Doubles

Learning how to recognize the differences between Simple Overcalls and Takeout Doubles in the Opponent seats.   Learning to apply the different types of bidding and reacting in each case as the Opponents.

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