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Advanced Beginner /

Low Intermediate


Zoom Lessons and

Online Play

for Advanced Beginners

with Meagan Powell

Negative Doubles


4-Week Online Series

to help Year 2 and Year 3 Players

Reinforce and Visualize the Bidding Process


Any Year 2 or Higher Player 



When:  All times are Eastern Time

WEDNESDAYS:     August 2 - August 23


   Morning Session:  10:00am - 11:45am

   Evening Session:    7:00pm -    8:45pm

Participants choose a specific class time upon enrollment

     but will receive the Zoom links for both class times each week.

Participants can swap form their chosen time

     if necessary each week, choosing just one class time per week.

Price for Lessons:

$ 72 for all 4 Wednesday Lessons on this topic

$ 18 for each of the 4-week Wednesday Lessons

     Pay for individual weeks or for the entire unit at one time.


          Cancellations and Refunds for each class

         will be allowed until materials are sent.


     * Pre-Class PDF Lecture Packet

        with Examples and Answers.   


     * Pre-Class Video to accompany the Lecture PDF

     *  CLASS DAY:   45-minute Zoom Lecture

           followed by 60 - minute online Shark Bridge

            Play Practice


Optional Saturday Morning BBO Lab Games

for Extra Practice

Real Bridge Environment for Practice

This is a real Bridge Game where players compete against Opponents, applying concepts learned

in your Bridge career.


NOTE:  BBO Lab Games are $7

for each game per person.

More information is provided in class.

 Individual Topics for Each Week

Wed, August 2

Class 1: Negative Doubles - Part I

   * Responder Requirements to Make a Negative Double

      in search of a Major Suit Fit

      after Opponent's Overcall suit bid

   * Opener's Options When Holding a Fit

      With Responder's Implied Major Suit



Wed, August 9

Class 2: Negative Doubles - Part II

   * Review Responder Requiremetns for Negative Double

   * Opener does not have a Fit

      with Responder's Implied Major suit and

      rebids Opening suit or NT

   * Opener Chooses the Lesser of Evils

     without a better choice

Wed, August 16

Class 3: Negative Doubles - Part III

   * Review Negative Double and Opener's Options

    * Responder's 2nd bid after Opener's Reaction

Wed, August 23

Class 4: Negative Doubles - Part IV

   * Awkward Hands

   * Putting All the Pieces Together

   * Understanding when to Respond in a Suit vs

      Making A Negative Double

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