with Meagan


Trump Play of the Hand -

Series I

Meagan Powell is offering two series

of Trump Play of the Hand workshops

during the Winter season.


Series I will cover the very basics

of Trump Play of the Hand


will run on Thursdays

from December 10, 2020

through January 21, 20201

Series II will cover the next level

in Trump Play of the Hand and

will start on Thursday, March 4.

The 5 classes in Series I will cover

   * Basic Opening Leads by Opponents

              Against a Trump Contract

   * Declarer's First Thoughts in the Plan

   * Winning an Early Reasonable Trick and

               High Card from the Short Side

   * Pulling the Opponents' Trump

               as Declarer's First Job 

               even without all the honors

   * Developing  Side Suits by Identifying and

               Planning to Set Up Long Suits,

               to Promote Suits for Middle-Honor

               winners, and

               to Execute Simple Finesses.

When:  Thursdays

              10:00am - 11:30am    Session I

                7:00pm - 8:30pm      Session II

These are identical sessions.

Cost  $15 per person per session

Players may pay each week for individual classes or for the entire series up front.

How Does this Work?

We are not using BBO for our Play of the Hand (POH) workshops.

We are using a newer Bridge software package called Shark Bridge.


   * You don't need a partner.

   * You may be able to play hands based

       on your speed of play.

Format:  90-Minute Class

Approximately ½ lecture and ½ playing application of lecture concepts

We will first meet in a Zoom room for a lecture.

The lecture will last about 40 minutes.

After our lecture, we will enter our Shark Bridge software while continuing to listen and talk through Zoom.   In Shark Bridge you will be seated at a table to play/practice hands based on the lecture.

Each week you will receive a pre-class PDF lesson with content and exercises.

The weekly lectures will be taped, but there is no way to replicate the playing scenario if you cannot attend the Shark session.

Players will receive their Zoom link and

Lecture PDF by 6:00pm on Monday 

each week.

Thursday, January 21 - Week 5

Supervised Play on Counting Losers and Applying Length, Promotion,  and Finesse techniques

Thursday, January 21

10am - 11:30am   Session I

 7pm -   8:30pm    Session II

 This fifth week will present a short review lesson on the highlights of the series.

Then players will spend extra time

in Shark Bridge to play lots of hands,

applying the information presented

in the series.

Anyone may sign up for this session.

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