July- August

Zoom Lessons for Advanced Students with Alan Powell

Weekly Lecture

$10 per week per person. 

One Lecture per week:

Monday Afternoon 2:00pm


Lectures are approximately

1.5 hours long including 

a Q&A  period after the lecture.

Receiving Zoom Links / PDFs
We will begin distributing Zoom links and PDF information  around 8pm on Sunday evening.


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Week of August 3rd

The Simple Squeeze

A Simple Squeeze is when Declarer plays a winner.  One Defender must make a choice of Discards between two suits, either of which allows Declarer to make an additional trick.

This class will discuss the mechanics and terminology necessary to understand the technique from start to finish.

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Mon    Aug 3rd    2:00pm

Week of August 10th


An Endplay is when a Defender is forced on lead by the Declarer.  No matter what he leads, the Declarer has put the Defender into surrendering one or more tricks.  

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Mon    Aug 10th    2:00pm

Week of August 17th

Avoidance Plays

An Avoidance Play is when Declarer prevents a specific Defender from winning the trick in order to stop a Dangerous lead from that specific Defender’s hand.


Learn to identify which Opponent is Dangerous and must be kept from leading as well as techniques to keep that player off lead.

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Mon    Aug 17th   2:00pm

Week of August 24th

Principles of Counting

Collect information from the Bidding, the Opening Lead, and the Play of the Hand in order to determine the shape of each Defender’s hand. The more you know about each Defender’s hand, the more informed decisions you can make as Declarer.

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Mon    Aug 24th   2:00pm

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