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The ACBL and BBO require players to use a Convention Card online at BBO.


You must create a Convention Card with Partner and assign it to your accounts.

Below you will find a video link that walks you through the Convention Card process.

     You will also find a button for the PDF document with pictures that walks through the process.

      You will also find a button for the PDF of what a Convention Card looks like in the brick-and-mortar world.

                     This is helpful as a reference.


Some general guidelines:

    1.  The video is broken down in 3 parts.   You can watch from the beginning all the way through (about an hour),

            or you can jump to page 2 of Convention card specifically.

            EVERYONE needs to understand the final part of the video:  Assigning Convention Cards.

                        You can jump just to Part 3.


    2.  The third part of the video and PDF document are CRUCIAL.

                a.  Only ONE of you in a partnership creates the Convention card.

                           Really.    Only ONE of you.

                b.  Then you assign it to a partner (or multiple partners).   

                           The complete Convention Card will then be copied into Partner's BBO account.   

                            It will activate every time you play with that Partner on BBO.

     3.  Questions?   Send an email to Meagan Powell at

VIDEO FOR Creating a Convention Card

 This link will explain how to find a blank Convention card and fill it out.

  You can watch the entire video from this link: 


  If you wish to jump to the second half of the Convention card, use this link:


  CRUCIAL Final Part of Creating a Convention Card:

      Link the Card to a Specific Partner

Buttons for Downloads:

     The Description / Pictures document is long (22 pages), but it does take you through the process step-by-step.

     It also has pictures in color.   Consider whether you want to print this document or whether you want to review it on the screen.   

     It will use both BW and Color ink in your printer.

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