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Practice and Play

In addition to your Wednesday classes,

we also have an optional Practice and Play session

on Saturdays mornings from 10:00am - 11:00pm

(Eastern Time)

These practice sessions on Saturdays allow you

to play more hands on each week's topic. 

There is a brief review, and then you play - play - play!

Advanced Beginner




Practice Sessions

Practice What You Have Learned In Boot Camp !

  2 Sessions

Each Session will have Different Hands to Practice

Each Session will have Post-Session Handouts


 Friday Morning, September 30

 10am - 11:30am   Eastern Time


 Sunday Morning, October 2

 10am - 11:30am   Eastern Time

 Read the Instructions after selecting REGISTER AND PAY

 Participants Will Receive Handouts After Each Session

WHAT:    Mostly Bidding.   Some Play

We Will Use Shark Bridge.

Two Players Per Table for Maximum Declarer Experience

A Few Minutes of Review Before We Practice

Hands Will Be a Mixture of Our Boot Camp Concepts

     *  Major Suit Fits:   5 - 3 and 4 -3

     *  Simple Overcalls and Basic Advancing Bids

      * 1NT Openings and Responses

LOTS of Hands to Bid!


$ 6 for Each Session

      $    6 for One Session

      $ 12 for Two Sessions




Just like our Boot Camp Lessons, 

These Practice Sessions will be Mostly Bidding.

There will be a little bit of Play.

But our purpose is to cement the Bidding in these areas before we move into our Year 2 Lessons.


Friday Morning,   10am - 11:30am   

                               Eastern Time


Sunday Morning,  10am - 11:30am

                                Eastern Time

   9 am  Central Time

  8 am   Mountain Time

  7 am   Pacific Time

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