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Practice and Play

In addition to your Wednesday classes,

we also have an optional Practice and Play session

on Saturdays mornings from 10:00am - 11:00pm

(Eastern Time)

These practice sessions on Saturdays allow you

to play more hands on each week's topic. 

There is a brief review, and then you play - play - play!

Beginner Bridge II

Building on the Basics



Zoom Lessons and

Online Play

for Beginners

with Meagan Powell

Bridge II:   Unit 1 

Reinforcing Bridge I and

Introducing 1NT Openings and Responses


These lessons are for players who took

our Bridge I - Absolute Beginner lessons

that started in January 2022


for players who took a very basic short Beginner I series and are ready to learn more about Beginner Bridge.


UNIT 1:   Let's Learn 1NT Bidding!

A 9-week Bridge series for players who have studied the very basics

of Bridge bidding and play.

The format each week will be

a 90-minute online ZOOM Lecture

and online Bridge Play.

This allows players to apply

the lecture concepts right away,

playing Bridge from the very first lesson.

You do not need a Partner
to join our Bridge II Classes.

Meet new friends and find a Partner!

We will always have a Partner for you.

When:  All times are Eastern Time

MONDAYS - Unit 1:   March 21 through May 23

   Morning Session:  10:00am - 11:30am

   Evening Session:    7: 00pm -   8:30pm

  Participants choose either the morning or evening session

              for their primary class time.   

              One session only each week, please.

   Participants may, however, change their time of day

              on any given week if they have a scheduling conflict.

SATURDAYS - Optional BBO Lab Games for Practice in a Real Online Bridge Environment

There is no Saturday Morning Shark Bridge Practice.

Instead, this group will begin using BBO for our 'Lab Games'

to practice our play in a real Bridge environment.

Saturday Mornings    BBO Lab Game

10:30am - 11:45am Eastern Time

Followed by a 30-minute Zoom Recap on Bidding

These Optional BBO Lab Games are handled differently

in payment and mechanics.   

Meagan will explain all the particulars to students as we move

into this series.


$162 for the 9-week Bridge II MONDAY Lecture Courses

     There is a separate $ 7 Fee for each  

      of the optional  Saturday BBO Lab Games -

      paid directly to BBO


Your Enrollment Fee covers:

  * About 90 minutes of Monday Class time each week

         - Roughly half of Class Time is Zoom Lecture

         - Roughly half of Class time is online Bridge play

               in Shark Bridge   an online Bridge software package


  * Pre-Class Video that walks students

            through the lesson BEFORE the Monday lesson.

  * A PDF for each class will be mailed on Friday evening

each week with the zoom links for Monday.

             There is no textbook for Bridge II.

  * We will also have optional Saturday Practice

       in Bridge Base Online (BBO) for players

       who want to reinforce their learning.

           Information on BBO will be provided to students

          Cancellations and Refunds will be allowed

        up to 24 hours before the first class.

                   No Refunds after Classes start.

     We won't be able to drop a replacement player

     in your place once classes start.

Technology Requirements:

Players need the right kind of technology

for the Online Play portion to work smoothly.

First Choice - Desktop Computer or

                        a Laptop Computer   

                        (Windows or Mac)

Second Choice - Tablet (IPad or similar).

   (We have experienced issues with Tablets in the past. 

       It is not perfect.)

This Class will NOT work on a Phone!


Players should download the Zoom App

onto their device.

Go to   and follow the download instructions.

Players do NOT need to find and

download Shark Bridge! 

WE will take you into our portal for online play.


Once Enrolled in the Course, players will receive

their Zoom links each week on Fridays.

Players join Meagan in the Zoom first

for their Monday classes.


Meagan will then lead players into the online playing area

after the Zoom lecture.


Optional BBO Lab Games for Extra Practice


Bridge II does not have a standard Saturday Shark Practice session.   

Instead, we introduce Bridge II players to Bridge Base Online (BBO).  

We use the BBO Bridge Software to allow players to experience a real-world Duplicate Bridge Game.


Players will keep their same Partner throughout the Lab Game, but they will:

     * Change Opponents every couple of board

     * Play based on a timed round of Bridge


     * Be able to rebid and replay the Game's hand after the Game


     * Compare your results to the other players in the Game


     * Begin to understand Scoring and its effect

                 on Player decision-making in the Auction

     * Meet with Meagan and Alan after the BBO

                  for a bidding recap (if you desire).

More information will be provided about how we use BBO

in our Bridge II classes.

NOTE:   The Monday Lecture Fee is separate

from the BBO Lab Game fee.   BBO charges from their platform.

BBO Lab Games are $7 for each game per person.

Individual Topics for Each Week

Monday, March 21st

Class 1:  Review and Application

of 5 - 3 Major Suit Fits and 4 - 4 Major Suit Fits 

Players will review Major Suit Fits.   

Understanding how Major Suits fit together will help students

in this NT Series. 


Monday, March 28th

Class 2:  1NT Openings and

Natural Responses

Players will review and apply Natural Responses

for 1NT Openers.   

Monday, April 4th

Class 3: 1NT Openings and

the Stayman Convention

Players review Class 2 information, and then 

players will learn the Stayman Convention to search

for a 4 - 4 Major Suit Fit after Partner's 1NT Opening

Monday, April 11th

Class 4:  1NT Openings and

the Jacoby Transfer Convention

Players review Class 3 information and

add in another 1NT Responding bid:

Jacoby Transfer to find a 5 - 3 Major Suit Fit.

Monday, April 18th

NO Class - We will take this week off 

Monday, April 25th

Class 5:  1NT Openings

Practice & Review

Players will need to review Natural, Stayman, and Jacoby Transfer responses.   There is a lot to remember and apply.

Players will get a brief review and then plenty of practice before we move on to Play of the Hand.

Monday, May 2nd

Class 6: NoTrump Play of the Hand - Length

Declarers will learn the steps to Establish a Long Suit in a NT contract to maximize and create extra winners.

We will reinforce a Declarer concept called High Card from the Short Side (HCSS). 

Mixed Hands in Natural, Stayman, and Jacoby contracts.

Monday, May 9th

Class 7:   NoTrump Play of the Hand - Promotion 

Declarers will learn the steps to Promote a suit in a NT contract to maximize and create extra winners.   We will reinforce the importance of Transportation in NT contracts.

Mixed Hands in Natural, Stayman, and Jacoby contracts.

Monday, May 16th

Class 8:   Notrump Play of the Hand -

Length and Promotion Combined

in the Same Suit in NT Contracts

Players will learn how to manage a LONG suit that also has PROMOTION.   Some additional information will be presented on how to decide which type of tool to use first if they are not

in the same suit.

Monday, May 23rd

Class 9:  Putting it All Together

Recognizing and Executing 5-3 Major Suit Fits, 4-4 Major Suit Fits, 1NT Openings and all Responses:  Natural, Stayman, and Jacoby Transfer.

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