Bridge 3

Advanced Beginner and

Low Intermediate 

 Challenge Topics

Summer 2021

Zoom Lessons and

Online Shark and

BBO Play

with Meagan Powell

Meagan Powell is offering lessons

on the most challenging topics in Year 1 and Year 2  in Advanced Beginner Bridge.



Lecture and Shark Bridge Play


Tuesdays, June 27 - August 31

Morning Session:  10am - 11:45am   

                                     Followed by Q&A in Zoom

Evening Session:     7pm - 8:45pm     

                                    Followed by Q&A in Zoom


Players choose one session

for their weekly lesson

FORMAT For Lecture and Play Classes:

Meagan will offer a 30-40 minute lecture per topic.

The players will be guided into Shark Bridge Software to practice their playing on the week's topic.


Students do not need to download Shark Bridge to participate

Players receive a Lecture Packet and pre-class Video for new information prior to each Tuesday's class.


Lecture and Shark Play sessions:   

$15 per session

Participants may for the entire series or choose individual weeks.

Bridge 3 - Series II Description and Schedule:

Bridge 3 Course Schedule



Optional Saturday BBO Lab Game

Saturday Morning BBO Lab Games   

All Advanced Beginner and Low Intermediate Players are welcome to join us.

BBO Lab Games:

$7 per session paid directly to BBO at the start of the BBO Lab Game

Contact Meagan for more info

about the BBO Lab Games.


All Bridge 3 classes meet on Tuesdays.

Lecture Times:

10am - 11:45am   Session I

 7pm -   8:45pm    Session II

30-minute Lecture followed by practical Bridge play in Shark Bridge.

Each participant will receive a Lecture PDF with examples and a  pre-class video for each topic.

Tuesday, July 27

MegaHand Bidding:

2C Openers and NT Rebids

Bidding Balanced Hands with 22+ hcp.

Opener rebidding in 2NT or 3NT.

Tuesday, August 3

Slam Bidding:

Regular Blackwood and Gerber Conventions

Determining if the partnership has a Small or Grand Slam in suits and NT

Tuesday, August 10

Working with MegaHands: A Few Extra Nuances and 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Review of 2NT Openers, 2C Openers, Blackwood, and Gerber.   Practical application on a variety of hands.

Tuesday, August 17

Review and Practice with Preemptive Openers and Overcalls

Revisiting Weak Twos, 3-level, and 4-level Preemptive Openers and Responses.

Revisiting of Preemptive Overcalls and Responses.


Tuesday, August 24

The Basics of the Common Takeout Double

Showing a Major Suit without meeting Simple Overcall requirements.   Basic Responses to Partner's Common Takeout Double.

Tuesday, August 31

Review and Practice with Common Takeout Doubles, Simple Overcalls, and Preemptive Overcalls

Recognizing the differences between different Opponent options based on points and shape.

Discussion of Advancer choices in each scenario

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