Zoom Lessons and

Online Play

for Absolute Beginners

with Meagan Powell

This is a 7-week Beginner Bridge course.

The format each week will be

a 90-minute Lecture and the Online Play.

This allows players to apply the lecture concepts right away, playing Bridge from the very first lesson.

You do not need a Partner to join our Beginner Class.

Meet new friends and find a Partner!

We will always have a Partner for you.

Topics Covered in the 7-Week Course:

Opening the Bidding, Responding to the Opener, 5-3 Fits, 4-4 Fits,

Game Contracts, Play Mechanics, Bridge Vocabulary,

Using a Trump Suit


Technology Requirements:

Players need the right kind of technology for the Online Play portion to work smoothly.

First Choice - Desktop Computer or a Laptop Computer 

  (Windows or Mac)

Second Choice - Tablet (IPad or similar).

     (We have experienced issues with Tablets in the past. 

       It is not perfect.)

This Class will NOT work on a Phone!


Players should download the Zoom App onto their device.

Go to  zoom.us    and follow the download instructions

Class Meeting Times:

Classes will meet on Tuesdays from January 12 

through February 23.


Morning Session:  10:00am - 11:30am

Evening Session :    7:00pm -   8:30pm

Participants choose one consistent time to attend each week.

Class 1 is an important introduction to the entire course.

                 Our first class is

                      *  a Meet and Greet,

                      *  an introduction to the online software, and

                      *  your first Bridge lesson where you will be playing Bridge

                          by the end of the class.

We have a lot of information to cover in Class 1, and we want to give more personalized attention to students to get them started successfully.

Therefore, we are holding multiple sessions for Class 1.


When you enroll in the course, you will choose the day/time

for your Class 1 session. 

It's possible it will not be your usual Tuesday meeting time.

If this is a problem, please contact us.   

We will try to work something out.

Classes 2 - 7 will be held at your regular class time on Tuesdays.


Practice and Play

In addition to your Tuesday Classes, we also have an optional

Practice and Play session on Saturdays from 12:30pm - 1:30pm.

These practice sessions on Saturdays allow you to play more hands

on week's topic. 

There is a brief 5-minute review, and then you play - play - play!


Once Enrolled in the Course, players will receive their Zoom links and

pre-class PDF documents each week on Sundays.


Players join Meagan in the Zoom first for their Tuesday classes.

Meagan will then lead players into the online playing area

after the Zoom lecture.


$150 for the 7-week Level I Course


     Cancellations and Refunds will be allowed up to 24 hours

      before the first class.

     No Refunds after Classes start.

     We won't be able to drop a replacement player in your place

                 once classes start.

You may use a Credit Card or PayPal to pay for your Course Enrollment.



Enrollment Instructions:

1.  Complete the Form below.

     Important:  You must choose the Class Time

                             you wish to attend.

2.  Click the REGISTER button.

3.  You will be taken to the PayPal's

               Guest Payment platform. 

      You press the YELLOW button

                not the blue button!

4.  Enter your Credit Card or Debit Card.

          You must fill out all information

          including email and phone number.

It is NOT necessary to create a PayPal account.

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