Bridge 3

Basic Bridge Challenge Topics

Zoom Lessons and

Online Shark and BBO Play

for Advanced Beginners

with Meagan Powell

Meagan Powell is offering a 12-week series

on the Basic Bridge Challenge Topics


These topics are all still considered part of Basic Bridge,

but they have a little more depth.

Wednesday, March 31st

This week's Bridge 3 Lesson is on Responder Rebid - Part III

This topic discusses a Responder's Rebid with an Unbalanced or

Unusual hand.

Concepts covered:

      * Rebidding Responder's 6+-card suit vs 5+-card suit

      * Responder choosing to Rebid 2NT or 3NT after Opener's Rebid


      * Responder bidding with two 5-card Majors

      * Responder bidding with 2 longish suits


Topics Covered in our 12-week Basic Bridge Challenge Topics series will cover

the fundamentals of  


         * Blackwood and Gerber basics for Slam Bidding

         * Common Takeout Doubles  vs  Simple Overcalls

         * Big Overcall Takeout Doubles   vs  Simple Overcalls


         * Opener and Responder Initial Bids and Rebids:

                - Responding with a New Suit on the 1-level or 2-level

                - Responding with a 1NT "Junk Drawer"  or a 2NT-3NT balanced hand

                - Rebidding 6+ card suits when no initial Fit is found

                - Rebidding 1NT - 2NT as Opener to show balanced hand and points

                - Rebidding a two-suited hand, including the JumpShift

                - Other Miscellaneous Rebidding topics



Note:  If you took any of these courses with Meagan in the summer or fall of 2020,

            can consider taking them again here   IF   you feel you need to review

            them at a BASIC level.


         Anyone who wants a fundamental view of these topics is welcomed to attend

You can see the entire schedule of topics by date here:



Technology Requirements:

Players need a Desktop Computer, a Laptop Computer, or a Tablet (IPad or similar).

This experience will not work on a phone.

Players should download the Zoom App onto their device if they do not already have this application.    Go to    and follow the download instructions

If you have already used ZOOM with Essex Bridge Center, there is no need for this step.

Wednesday Lectures / Optional 'Lab' BBO Games

Saturday Optional 'Lab' BBO Games


The 12 weeks of Bridge 3 offer:

       * 9 Wednesday Lecture sessions

       * 3 Wednesday BBO 'Lab' Games


       * 10 Saturday BBO 'Lab' Games




       Participants choose a specific Wednesday session as their primary time:

             Group  I:   Morning   10am - 11:30am

             Group II:   Evening      7pm - 8:30pm 



'Lab' BBO Games:

       Participants may also choose to play with us in BBO in special sessions

      we're calling 'Labs.'    Just like in high-school Chemistry, the group

      meets outside of Lecture time to practice what they have learned.

       - All Labs are optional.

       - All Labs take place in BBO and must be registered and paid through BBO

       - All Labs have a play piece followed by an optional  Zoom bidding recap piece.

More Information on how this works can be found in the 



Lectures:   $15 per Lecture   or   $135 for all 9 Lectures

                     Participants may pay week-to-week or for all 9 Lectures up front​

Labs:           $ 7 per Lab paid directly through BBO at time of Game Registration

You may use a Credit Card or PayPal to pay for your Course Enrollment.


Enrollment Instructions:

1.  Complete the Form below.

     Important:  You must choose the Class Time

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2.  Click the REGISTER button.

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