Winter 2021

Defense Lectures on Zoom

January 6 - February 3

Weekly Lecture

$10 per week per person 

Two identical weekly lectures:

Wednesday Afternoon 2:00pm

Saturday Morning 9:30am

Students may attend both sessions

for added reinforcement.


Lectures on Zoom are approximately 1.5 hours long including a Q&A  period after the Zoom Lecture.

Receiving Zoom Links / PDFs
Around 8pm on Sunday evening, we will begin distributing
Zoom links and
a PDF list of BBO Bridge Master hands that will be reviewed
in the coming week.


Use the Enrollment form at the far right.




Take a tour with Roz

through selected

BBO Bridge Master hands. 


Emphasis is on figuring out

THE PLAN for the Play of the Hand.


Each week, Roz will take students into BBO Bridge Master hands to explain and demonstrate specific

Planning / Playing topics.

Each week will present a different area of Declarer Planning.

Prior to each class, students will receive a list of the BBO Bridge Master hands that will be covered

in that week's class. 

Students will be able to practice those hands prior to and after the class for added reinforcement.


Week 1:  Developing Tricks

Wednesday, Jan 6    /    Saturday, Jan  9

2:00pm                             9:30am

Topic areas:   

Promotion, Finesses, Ruffing Finesses, Establishing a Side Suit

Week 2:  Trump Management

Wednesday, Jan 13    /    Saturday, Jan  16

2:00pm                               9:30am


Topic areas:   

Pull Trump Immediately or Delay,

Pull Outstanding High Trump or Not,

Careful Discards

Week 3:  Entries / Transportation

Wednesday, Jan 20    /    Saturday, Jan  23

2:00pm                               9:30am

Topic areas:   

Unblocking,  Ducking,   Overtaking

Week 4:  Avoiding Danger

Wednesday, Jan 27   /    Saturday, Jan  30

2:00pm                               9:30am

Topic areas:   

Guarding Against Bad Splits,

Avoiding an Unwanted Suit Switch by an Opponent,   

Knowing Which Opponent is Dangerous to Put on Lead

Week 5:  Miscellaneous

Wednesday, Feb 3   /    Saturday, Feb 6

2:00pm                             9:30am

Topic areas:   

Reading the Opening Lead,

Certain Card Combinations,

Odds / Probabilities

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