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Follow these instructions for the enrollment page
to the right.

NOTE:   You will only see the FIRST date
                   of these two Practice Sessions.

The system can only show you the FRIDAY date even though there is a SUNDAY session as well.

How to select Sunday only?
How to select Friday and Sunday?

   1.  Click on the Number of Participants first
          (Adults)  and choose participant number.

   2.  Then click on arrow under Friday 10am.

        THEN you will see your choices for
         Friday Only, Sunday Only, or Both Sessions.

   3.  Complete the registration as usual

        Click BOOK to go to the payment screen 

    4. You will receive a new window
        where you finalize your enrollment information
        and make your payment

If you have registered before with us,
        don't forget Sign In at the top of the page


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Find us on Facebook

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