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Winter 2022
Essential Defensive Concepts
Online Lessons
With Alan Powell

The main audience for these lessons
is the player
with some Bridge playing experience:
Players who have started or are regularly playing
in 199-299 games or higher.

This is a 6-Week Online Series.
Players may attend all or any of the classes.

If you have not taken classes with us,
we recommend you review our
*From Zoom to Shark tutorial


THURSDAYS from January 20 - February 24

      Morning Session:   10am - 11:30am    OR

      Evening Session:     7pm -  8:30pm

    Participants choose a specific class time

               but will receive Zoom links for both classes times each week.

      Participants can swap from their chosen time if necessary

                  but may only attend one class per week.


  Players receive a pre-class Lecture PDF

       with explanations and examples.

  Players also receive a pre-class Video

         to reinforce concepts from class.

  Materials are sent on Monday evening each week.

  On Class Day, players will join Alan

           for in Zoom for a Lecture

  Then players will join Alan in Shark Bridge

           for online practice of the lesson concepts.

There is no makeup for the practice portion of the class. 
However, players will have the video and PDF,
allowing them to keep up with the group
before the next class meeting.


$96 for all 6 weeks   

Players may enroll in the entire series at once,

choose specific dates at once, or

pay for each class on an individual basis   

Single session classes - $16


Why Study Defense?

The quickest way to improve your game is

to study Defense.

Bridge players spend about half their time on Defense.

Each contract set or each overtrick prevented

on Defense is just as important

as each contract and overtrick made on Offense.  

Defense is more difficult than Declarer Play.

Declarers have the advantage of knowing exactly

what their assets are.

Defenders can see Dummy, but not their Partner's hand.

Partners have to work together using signals and

leading conventions to try to take

the maximum number of Defensive tricks.

Individual Topics for Each Week

Thursday, January 20

Essential Defensive Concepts

Opening Leads vs Notrump Contracts

Reading the Opening Lead by 3rd Hand

What are the Standard Choices on Defense and

How to Work Together with your Partner.

Thursday, January 27

Essential Defensive Concepts

Opening Leads vs Suit Contracts

Reading the Opening Lead by 3rd Hand

What are the Standard Choices on Defense and

How to Work Together with your Partner.

Thursday, February 3

Essential Defensive Concepts

3rd Hand Play - Attitude Signals and 3rd Hand High 

Passing Information or Promoting Winners in Partner's Hand 

Thursday, February 10

Essential Defensive Concepts

2nd Hand Low with exceptions

Count Signals

How to Avoid Giving Away Unnecessary Tricks

Thursday, February 17

Essential Defensive Concepts

The Defensive Holdup Play using the Count Signal

How to Cut Declarer's Communications

Thursday, February 24

Essential Defensive Concepts

Leading from Shortness (or Not)

Suit Preference Signals

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