Winter/Spring 2021

Zoom Lessons for Intermediates

March 2 - April 3

Weekly Lecture

$10 per week per person 

Two identical weekly lectures:

Tuesday Afternoon    2:00pm

Saturday Morning      9:30am

Students may attend both sessions

for added reinforcement.


Lectures on Zoom are approximately 1.5 hours long including a Q&A  period

after the Zoom Lecture.

Receiving Zoom Links / PDFs
Around 8pm on Sunday evening, we will begin distributing
Zoom links and
a PDF with the hands
that will be reviewed by Roz
in the coming week.


Use the Enrollment form at the far right.



Join Roz for a multi-level overview of bridge defensive strategy



Starting with choosing the Opening Leads, Roz will demonstrate Defense Techniques

by playing hands

(in Shark bridge teaching software)

for the students to watch in Zoom

along with some lecture. 

Students will not get to play hands themselves.

She will explain the concepts found in each hand.

Students will receive a pdf

in advance of each session with the hands for that lesson along with some other information. This does not constitute a complete text for subject.


If a student wants to have a basic Bridge Defense textbook we suggest the following:

Defense in the 21st Century (ACBL Bridge Series) latest edition

Students who elect to purchase this text

will note some minor differences

in bidding guidelines from the ones

we teach.  They are not significant.


Week 1:  Opening Leads against Notrump Contracts and Partner's Role

Tuesday, Mar 2     /    Saturday, Mar  6

2:00pm                             9:30am

Week 2:  Opening Leads against Suit Contracts and Attitude Signals

Tuesday, Mar 9   /    Saturday, Mar 13

2:00pm                               9:30am


Week 3:  Aspects of 2nd Hand and 3rd Hand Play

Tuesday, Mar 16    /    Saturday, Mar 20

2:00pm                               9:30am

Week 4:  More Defensive Signals

Tuesday, Mar 23   /    Saturday, Mar 27

2:00pm                               9:30am

Week 5:  Review and Additional Topics

Tuesday, Mar 30   /    Saturday, Apr 3

2:00pm                             9:30am

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