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If you do not have a BBO Account yet, go here.

If you do not have an ACBL Number yet go here.


Adding your ACBL Member Number to your BBO Account

1.  Log into your BBO Account

2.  On the Bridge Base Online Home Page, find the Green section mid-page marked FEATURED AREAS.

       The first choice under Featured Areas is ACBL WORLD.  Click on this link.

3.  At the bottom of the next screen, find the blue button marked ADD YOUR ACBL NUMBER

      Click this blue button.   

4. Enter your number in the Box next to ACBL Number on File and Press the Blue Update Button.

(Do not use a letter if you are a Lifemaster. Convert your letter to your original number:

        J=1,   K=2,   L=3,   M=4,   N=5,   O=6,    P=7,   Q=8  and  R=9)

You may get an error saying you already have an ACBL number and may not change it.

This is a bug with BBO which you may safely ignore.

5. Log out of BBO and Log back in again before you try to register for a game.

The Process is now complete.

You may not be able to play in games with an upper masterpoint limit (like a 299 or 499) until the following day.

Your masterpoints will be verified overnight when BBO receives its daily update from the ACBL.

BBO may not let you join a limited masterpoint game until it knows how many masterpoints you have, even if that number is 0.

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