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How to get set up on BBO

1.  Using your web browser, go to (We recommend Chrome)

     You must have a BBO account. 
      If you already have an account, great…use that ID.
      If you are going to sign up with BBO for the first time, we suggest you use
    EBCFirstnameLastName2letters as your BBO ID.
           Example:   EBCMeaganPo

2.  Your BBO account must have your ACBL number in it.
      If you have already entered your ACBL number, you don’t need this step.
           On the main BBO screen you will see a FEATURED AREAS in the middle of the screen.
                 Choose ACBL WORLD.

          At the bottom of the screen, select UPDATE ACBL NUMBER
               Carefully, type in your ACBL number and Update.           

3.  You must have BB$ in your account.
         You’ll find the BB$ button at the top right of your BBO screen.
         Select BB$ and add money to your account using either a credit card or PayPal.
               Do not add BB$ from a tablet or cell phone. 
               The phone / tablet folks will charge you for the service.
               You can PLAY from a tablet or phone, but add your BB$ from a desktop or laptop computer.


Our friend, Silvana Morici, of Sagamore Bridge Club created a great tutorial to explain how to use BBO.
You can find her video here:

A.  If you and Partner attempt to register and the system tells you that ‘you are blocked,”
it usually means that either one or both of you have entered  your ACBL number incorrectly.
You should both double-check the ACBL number you entered in BBO.

B.  If your ACBL number IS correct and you or Partner has just signed up for BBO and get the blocked message, please send an email to  with both your BBO ID and your partner's BBO ID. Please try to register early for your first game so that any problems can be sorted out beforehand.


How To Get Into an Alliance BC or an Essex 99er Game

*  You need a partner.   You need to know Partner’s BBO ID.
         It would be helpful to enter Partner’s BBO ID as a Friend in the PEOPLE section on the right of the screen.

*  You and Partner need to be online together to register.
           The game will become available for registration 2 hours before game time. You may only register for each game during this 2 hour window. One partner invites the other partner during the registration process.
*  To register for a game:



 To Join an Alliance BC game:

       We are listed as VACB266064  or  search for Alli on right side – top.

       Take a moment to friend the tournament BBO ID. Click on the id tag VACB266064 and change your relationship to FOLLOW. Now all the Alliance tournaments will be highlighted for you.

 To Join an Essex 99er game:

       We are listed as VACB128728  or  search for Essex on right side – top.

       Take a moment to friend the tournament BBO ID. Click on  the id tag VACB128728 and change your relationship to FOLLOW. Now all the Essex 99er games will be highlighted for you.

     –Click on the tournament you want to enter.  Make sure to click on the middle of the line, not on the id tag.  On the pop-up screen, enter your Partner’s BBO ID and press the register button.

     –Partner needs to ACCEPT on his/her screen.

     –If registered correctly, the tournament will now be highlighted.

     –You will be automatically taken into the tournament at game time and seated at a table with Partner.

* Game-time:   You and partner should be online together at least 10 minutes before the game. If either you or Partner are off-line at game time, BBO will knock you out of the game.

      IMPORTANT:  You need to keep your screen active once you log into BBO for the game. If your screen is inactive at the start of the game, BBO will knock you and Partner out of the game. Make sure your screen is active at the very least by clicking on the PEOPLE or ACCOUNT tab and then coming back to the waiting queue. If you are knocked out of tournament because you were not online, BBO will not charge you for the tournament.

*  Once the game starts, you and Partner will automatically be seated at a table.

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