Navigating BBO:   Video Library for Help in BBO

Meagan Powell has created a series of YouTube videos to help players navigate BBO.

Click on any of the titles below to watch a video.

Completing Your BBO Profile (2-3 minutes)

How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Bid in the Auction or the Wrong Card in the Play of the Hand (Misclicks)  (3-4 minutes)

Find Your Friends in BBO  (6-7 mins)

How to Use the Partnership Desk in BBO When You Don't Have a Partner (6-7 minutes)

How to Call the Director in BBO  (1-2 minutes)

Claiming  (4 minutes)

Announcing 1NT Ranges as Opener  and  Announcing Transfers in BBO

     This video is coming soon.

Understanding the Basics of Duplicate Scoring (1 hour)

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