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True Beginner Help Document - LETTER Size
Full Year 1 Bridge Help Document - Legal Size

Year 2 - Advanced Beginner / Low Intermediate Help Document

Opener's Priority List
The Bidding Ladder
Distribution Values
Opener and Responder Ranges with a Fit

Basic Stayman Convention Chart

Basic Jacoby Transfer Convention Chart

NT Play of the Hand Planning
Trump Play of the Hand Planning

     Links to Help You Get Ready for our Alliance Monday Morning and
     Monday Evening 200 mps Games

What Do You Need to Prepare For a BBO Game?
*  Video:   Managing SLEEP on your Device

Playing in the BBO Browser Version  versus  BBO App
Assigning a Convention Card to Partner
Personal Scoresheet for BBO Games

Check If Your BBO Registration is In Place

Navigating BBO:   Video Library for Help in BBO
Meagan Powell has created a series of YouTube videos to help players navigate BBO.
Click on any of the titles below to watch a video.

Completing Your BBO Profile (2-3 minutes)
How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Bid in the Auction or the Wrong Card in the Play of the Hand (Misclicks)  (3-4 minutes)
Find Your Friends in BBO  (6-7 mins)
How to Use the Partnership Desk in BBO When You Don't Have a Partner (6-7 minutes)
How to Call the Director in BBO  (1-2 minutes)
Claiming  (4 minutes)

SCORING Videos:   
Link:  ACBL Instant Scorer

Very helpful Quick Score Reference

Video:  Duplicate Scoring Part I:  Calculating Your Raw Score
     Download:   Scoring Part I Handout

Video:   Duplicate Scoring Part II:  Converting to Matchpoints and Your Game Score / Percentage
 Download:  Scoring Part II Handout

Video:   Duplicate Scoring Part III:  Final Outcome and Replaying the Hand 
 Scoring Part III Handout for BBO Lab Games

 Scoring Part III Handout for Alliance Games

Video:   Deep Finesse Analysis Box on the Hand Record


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