Harry Katz

Harry was the Grand Gentleman of the Tuesday morning 299 game.   He always had a compliment for the Opponents as they settled at his table.  Harry passed away on March 31, 2020. 


Seshu Das

Seshu was Open player for many years at Essex Bridge Center before becoming too ill play  several years ago.

Her "Hello!" was genuine and with a full smile.  Seshu passed away on March 31, 2020.


Antoinette Inguaggiato (Toni)

Toni was a gentle soul who never stopped smiling.  She was kind to every single person she encountered at the table.    She was a member of the extended Spelman and Molisani families who are so dear to us.

Toni passed away on April 25, 2020.


Gary Riemer

Gary had played with our Club for many years on Tuesday and Thursday evening. 

Gary loved his games - in addition to Bridge, he was an avid Backgammon and Gin Rummy player.

Gary passed away on April 30, 2020.


Colin Couchman

Colin was a 'Football' fanatic (what we call Soccer).  He was thrilled when his beloved English Football began to broadcast on American television.    The standing of his favorite Football team was his second favorite topic after Bridge at the table.    Colin passed away on May 8, 2020.


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