Zoom Lessons for Intermediates with Roz Powell

Weekly Lecture

$10 per week per person. 

Two identical weekly lectures:

Wednesday Afternoon 2:00pm

Saturday Morning 10:00am


Lectures on Zoom are approximately 1.5 hours long including a Q&A  period after the Zoom Lecture.

Receiving Zoom Links / PDFs
We will begin distributing Zoom links and PDF information  around 8pm on Sunday evening.


Use the Enrollment form at the far right.

Week of July 20th

Unusual Notrump and Michaels Cuebid

Overcall Conventions with two 5-card or longer suits.

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Wed  July 22th     2:00pm

Sat   July 25th    10:00am

Week of July 27th

New Minor Forcing and Support Doubles

More ways to find 5-3 Major-Suit Fits.

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Wed  July 29th        2:00pm

Sat   August 1st    10:00am

Week of August 3rd

Cappelletti & DONT

Interference over the Opponent's 1NT Openings.

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Wed  August 5th    2:00pm

Sat   August 8th   10:00am

Week of August 10th

3rd and 4th Seat Openings &

Reverse Drury 

Whether to open in 3rd and 4th Seat and how to keep the auction lower when you open light.

Lecture Times: Approximately 1.5 hours

Wed  August 12th    2:00pm

Sat   August 15th   10:00am

Lessons for


will be announced later

in August

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