Fall 2021
Online Lessons

Selected Conventions
with Roz Powell

The main audience for this series is the player
with approximately 2 years or more
of Bridge playing experience.

This is an 8-Week Online Series.
Players may attend all or any of the classes.

If you have not taken classes with us,
we recommend you review our
*From Zoom to Shark tutorial




      from September 22 - November 20


      WEDNESDAY     2pm - 3:30pm        OR

      SATURDAY:       10am - 11:30am

      Participants choose a specific class day 

                  but will receive Zoom links for both classes times each week.

        Participants can swap from their chosen time if necessary

                  but may only attend one class per week.


  Players receive a pre-class Lecture PDF

         with explanations and examples.

  Players also receive a post-class Video

          to accompany the Lecture PDF.

  Materials are sent on Monday evening each week.

  On Class Day, players will join Roz

           for approximately 45 minutes in Zoom for a Lecture

  Then players will join Roz in Shark Bridge

           for online practice of the lesson concepts.

There is no makeup for the practice portion of the class. 
However, players will have the video and PDF, allowing them to keep up with the group before the next class meeting.


$128 for all 8 weeks 

Players may pay for the entire series at once,

specific dates all at once, or
pay for each class on an individual basis.



Single session classes will be $16



Individial Topics for Each Week

Wednesday, September 22

& Saturday September 25

Unusual Notrump

An Overcall to Show Some of the 2-Suited  (5-5)  Hands 

Wednesday, September 29

& Saturday October 2

Michaels Cuebid

A Bid to Show More of the 2-Suited (5-5)  Hands

Wednesday, October 6

& Saturday October 9

Support Doubles

Using a Double/Redouble to Show 3-Card Support

for Responder's Major.

Finding a 5-3 Fit After Interference.

Wednesday, October 13

& Saturday October 16

New Minor Forcing

Showing a 5-Card Major as Responder on the Second Round

With or Without a Second Suit.

Wednesday, October 20

& Saturday October 23


A Convention for Interfering After the Opponents Open 1NT.  Maximize Your Opportunities to Bid.

Disturb Opponent's NoTrump.

Wednesday, October 27

& Saturday October 30


Another Convention for Interfering After the Opponents Open 1NT. Maximize Your Opportunities to Bid.


Wednesday, November 3

& Saturday November 6

No Class this Week

Wednesday, November 10

& Saturday November 13

3rd and 4th Hand Openings and Drury

When to Bend the Rules.

How to Stay Out of Trouble When You Do.

Wednesday, November 17

& Saturday November 20

Quick Review & Mixed Practice

Extended Practice With All of the Above Conventions.