Essex Bridge Center
is Open
for Live Bridge
as of 
September 27th, 2021

Changes You Will Notice

    * Extra Spacing between the tables

    * New Floors upstairs and downstairs

    * New carpeting on the stairs and in our closets

    * New Hepa Filters in both rooms

    * Improved LED Lighting in the far room

    * Improved Air Conditioner Deflectors

    * Plenty of Hand Sanitizer available


Refreshments will be limited to Drinks only. Coffee,  Cappuccino, Tea and Water

        will be complimentary. 


Soda and Bottled Water will be available

        for purchase.

Snacks will not be served

         for the foreseeable future.

No eating in the building, please.


Please do not bring lunch, dinner,

or snacks inside.


Vaccination and


Vaccinations are mandatory.

You will be required to show proof of Vaccination. No exceptions.     Players may submit their vaccination proof before they come if they wish.

Link for Vaccination submission:

Proof of Vaccination submission information


Masks will be optional but suggested.

Players can choose whether to wear a mask or not.   

Please do not comment either way on a player's choice of whether to wear a mask or not.

It is their decision.


Reservations will be required.   

Please take the time to let us know you are coming. No Walk-ins for the first few weeks. 


Link for Reservation form:

Reservation form


Live Schedule 

We are starting out with a small schedule

          of Games as we all ease back into live playing.

We understand this may compress players

          into a higher or possibly lower game

          than they used to attend.


We hope to add more games and more types

          of Games to the schedule based

          on attendance and interest.


Open Games:

Monday Afternoon        1:00 pm 

Monday Evening             6:30 pm

Thursday Afternoon      1:00 pm

          All players are welcome to play in our Open game.

          Full Bridge Etiquette is expected

299 Games:

Thursday Morning          9:30am

Thursday Evening           6:30pm

       Any player with fewer than 300mp may play in these Games.

      Many players will have between 0 and 100mp.

      Some will have more than 100mp

      Basic Bridge Etiquette is expected.


      Players will be introduced or reintroduced

      to Bridge Etiquette in these groups



Cost:   $12 per person / $24 per pair

Players may now pay card fees by credit card!