Spring 2022

Low Intermediate Online


Lessons with

Alan & Meagan


NT Openings and Advanced Responses

5-Week Series on Advanced NT Responses


Responder bidding beyond basic Stayman and Jacoby


Any player who has been using the basic Stayman Convention

and basic Jacoby Transfer Convention

and is looking for more Respodner options.

Alan Powell will be presenting this class.

Meagan Powell is creating the materials for this class and assisting during the Shark Practice.

When:   TUESDAYS from April 26 - May 24

      Morning Session:   10am - 11:45am    OR

      Evening Session:     7pm -  8:45pm

      Participants choose a specific class time

                  but will receive Zoom links for both classes times each week.

        Participants can swap from their chosen time if necessary

                  but may only attend one class per week.

 What:  Class-Day Lecture and Play

  *  Pre-Class PDF Lecture Packet with examples

       and answers.   Sent on Saturday before Tuesday Class.


  * Pre-Class Video to accompany the Lecture PDF.

  * Tuesday Class Day:

      45-minute Zoom Lecture followed

       by 60 Minute Online Play Practice in Shark Bridge


There is no makeup for the practice portion of the class. 

However, players will have the video and PDF,
allowing them to keep up with the group
before the next class meeting.

 Price:   Participants may enroll for entire Unit or

              for Individual lessons


   $ 16  for each of the 5-week Tuesday Lectures

   $ 80  for all 5 Tuesday Lectures

   Pay for individual weeks or for the entire unit at one time



Additional Practice:


Players are encouraged to practice their skills

in our Alliance Monday Morning and

Monday Evening 199 Games

where they can apply a variety of bidding techniques

in random hands.


Alan Powell provides a video recap

of the Monday morning 10am and

Monday evening 7pm hands each week

for further reinforcement.



Individual Topics for Each Week

Tuesday, April 26

Class 1: Texas Transfers

Opener bids 1NT  or   2NT.

Responder has 6+ cards in a Major suit and enough points

for Game opposite Partner's particular NT Opening.

Texas Transfers move the partnership to Game quickly, stopping the Opponents from interfering.

Discussion of why Responder decides

between using Jacoby Transfer vs Texas Transfer.

Tuesday, May 3

Class 2: Responding with 5 - 4 in the Majors

Opener bids 1NT  or  2NT.

Responder holds 5 - 4 in the Major suits and must decide whether to bid Stayman or Jacoby.

This lesson will review the basics of the Stayman Convention along the way.

Tuesday, May 10

Class 3: Responding with 5 - 5 in the Majors

Opener bids 1NT  or  2NT.

Responder holds 5 - 5 in the Major suits and must decide the best way to determine how to show two 5-cards Majors.

This lesson will review the basics of the Jacoby Transfer Convention along the way.

Tuesday, May 17

Class 4:  Relay to the Minors

Opener bids 1NT.   

This concept does not apply after Partner's 2NT Opening.

Responder does not have 4+ cards in the Majors but

holds 6+ cards in a Minor suit and very few points.

The partnership may consider playing in a Minor Suit instead of 1NT under certain suit length and point count conditions.

Tuesday, May 24

Class 4:  Putting It All Together

A high-level review of the series concepts and a chance

to apply all the pieces of advanced Responder bidding

after NT Openings.