Summer 2021


with Meagan


Opener and Responder Rebids

Review and Practice

Meagan Powell is offering

Summer Workshops

on Opener and Responder Rebids.

Each week will focus on a particular aspect

in Opener's Rebids or Responder's Rebids.

Players will receive a pre-class PDF and video.

Meagan will provide a 30-40 minute lecture

in Zoom, followed by a playing session in Shark Bridge.


Series II Lecture and Shark Bridge Play

Wednesdays, June 28 - August 31

Morning Session:  10am - 11:45am   

                                     Followed by Q&A in Zoom

Evening Session:     7pm - 8:45pm     

                                    Followed by Q&A in Zoom


Players choose one session

for their weekly lesson

FORMAT For Lecture and Play Classes:

Meagan will offer a 30-40 minute lecture per topic.

The players will be guided into Shark Bridge Software

to practice their playing on the week's topic.

Series II Course Schedule:

Series II Opener and Responder Rebids Schedule

COST:   $15 per session


Contact Meagan at

All Opener and Responder Rebid classes

meet on Wednesdays.

Lecture Times:

10am - 11:45am   Session I

 7pm -   8:45pm    Session II

Players choose one session

30-minute Lecture followed

by practical Bridge play in Shark Bridge.

Each participant will receive

a Lecture PDF with examples and

a pre-class video for each topic.

Wednesday, July 28

Opener Rebidding a 2nd Suit with Minimum / Medium Opening points

Opener bidding a 2nd suit to describe an Unbalanced hand when holding Minimum or Medium Opening high-card points

Wednesday, August 4

Opener Rebidding a 2nd Suit with Maximum Opening points

Opener shows a JumpShift in the auction: 

showing 2 different suits and Maximum Opening points

Wednesday, August 11

Opener Rebidding a REVERSE

A discussion of the basic requirements for an Opener or

a Responder to bid a reversed two-suited hand.

Wednesday, August 18

Responder Chooses Between

Opener’s 2 Suits

with Minimum Responding points

Responder choosing a destination even though the partnership has not yet found a Fit.

Wednesday, August 25

Responder Rebidding a 2nd Suit

with Medium Responding points

Responder meeting the requirements to reject Opener's 2 bids and rebidding the Responding suit again.

Wednesday, September 1

Responder Rebidding

with Maximum Responding points

after Opener’s 2nd Suit Rebid

Responder moving the contract into Game even without a clear Fit with Opener