Fall 2021

Low Intermediate Online Lessons

with Meagan


Unit I - Competitive Bidding:  Beginnings

Meagan will present a series of ONLINE Units

in ZOOM and Shark Bridge

from September 2021 - August 2022

at this Low Intermediate level.

The main audience for these lessons is the Year 2 Player,

however, many of the topics might interest

slightly more experienced players who need a refresher.

This is an 8-Week Online Unit
on the basics of Competitive Bidding
among all 4 players.

If you have not taken classes with us,
we recommend you review our
*From Zoom to Shark tutorial


Mondays from September 27 - November 15

      Morning Session:   10am - 11:45am    OR

      Evening Session:     7pm -  8:45pm

      Participants choose a specific class time

                  but will receive Zoom links for both classes times each week.

        Participants can swap from their chosen time if necessary

                  but may only attend one class per week.


  Players receive a pre-class Lecture PDF with explanations

         and examples.

  Players also receive a pre-class Video to accompany

         the Lecture PDF.

  Materials are sent on Friday evening each week.

  On Class Day, players will join Meagan

           for approximately 45 minutes in Zoom for a Lecture

  Then players will join Meagan in Shark Bridge

           for online practice of the lesson concepts.

There is no makeup for the practice portion of the class. 
However, players will have the video and PDF, allowing them to keep up with the group before the next class meeting.


$128 for all 8 weeks 

Single session classes will be $16



Individial Topics for Each Week

Monday, September 27th

Class 1:  Basic Alternatives

for Opening a 1-level Suit Bid

This class focuses on Opening a 1-level Suit bid without the usual 12 hcp.   Each of the four seats at the table will receive special discussion on alternative Openings.

Monday, October 4th

Class 2:  Simple Overcalls and

Basic Advances

This class focuses on a review of making the Simple Overcall on the 1-level, 2-level, and 3-level by the Opponent.

Basic forcing and voluntary Advancing bids are addressed.

Monday, October 11th

Class 3:  Simple Overcalls and

Cuebid Raises 

This class continues the concepts from Class 2.

Advancers learn Cuebid Raises in specific situations.

Monday, October 18th

Class 4:  Simple Overcall and

Competitive Bidding

We continue our work in Simple Overcalls

from Classes 2 and 3. 

However, now we bring Openers and Responders

into the discussion.   Competitive concepts

include Cuebid Raises by Advancers and Responders, Competing to the 3-level with a Specific Fit, and

Bidding 'One More.'

Monday, October 25th

Class 5:  Negative Doubles - Part I

This class introduces the Double as a Responder tool to describe a 4-card suit after an Opponent's Overcall.  

Basic Opener rebids are addressed.

Monday, November 1st

Class 6:  Negative Doubles - Part II

This class continues  using the Double as a Responder tool to describe a 4-card suit after an Opponent's Overcall.  

More complex bidding is introduced.

Monday, November 8th

Class 7:  Negative Doubles - Part III

This class continues  using the Double as a Responder tool to describe a 4-card suit after an Opponent's Overcall.  

Difficult shapes and troubleshooting are addressed.

Monday, November 15th

Class 8:  Putting It All Together

Players review Competitive Bidding concepts from this Unit and apply this information in mixed hands.