Practice and Play

In addition to your Wednesday classes,

we also have an optional Practice and Play session

on Saturdays mornings from 10:00am - 11:00pm

(Eastern Time)

These practice sessions on Saturdays allow you

to play more hands on each week's topic. 

There is a brief review, and then you play - play - play!

Advanced Beginner



Zoom Lessons and

Online Play

with Meagan Powell

Preemptive Opening and Overcall



3-week Series


Players who have never learned

how to OPEN a hand with fewer than 12 hcp,


Players who need a refresher

on the very basics

of Weak Preemptive Opening and Overcall fundamentals.

 When:  All times are Eastern Time

WEDNESDAYS:   July 13 - July 27

   Morning Session:  10:00am - 11:45am

   Evening Session:    7:00pm -    8:45pm


SATURDAYS - Optional BBO Lab Games for Practice in a Real Online Bridge Environment

Saturday Mornings 10:00am - 11:30am Eastern Time

Followed by optional 30-minute Zoom Recap on Bidding


$ 16 for each the 4-week Wednesday Lecture / Play

$ 48 for all 3 Wednesday Lectures on this topic

     Pay for individual weeks or for the entire unit at one time.


Saturday BBO Games have a separate $ 7 Fee

       for each of the optional  Saturday BBO Lab Games -

      paid directly to BBO


     * Pre-Class PDF Lecture Packet

        with Examples and Answers.   

          Sent prior to Wednesday's class.

     * Pre-Class Video to accompany the Lecture PDF

     *  CLASS DAY:   45-minute Zoom Lecture

           followed by 60 - minute online Shark Bridge

            Play Practice

          Cancellations and Refunds for each class

         will be allowed until materials are sent.



Optional BBO Lab Games for Extra Practice

We use the BBO Bridge Software to allow players to experience

a real-world Duplicate Bridge Game.

This is a real Bridge Game where players compete against Opponents, applying concepts from the Monday class.


NOTE:   BBO charges from their platform.

               BBO Lab Games are $7 for each game per person.

Individual Topics for Each Week

Wednesday, July 13

Class 1:  Preemptive Opening Basics

    *  Why Make a Weak Preemptive Opening bid

    *  How Does Scoring Impact Preemptive Bidding

    *  How to Make the Preemptive Opening Bid

    *  Overcalling after A Weak Preemptive Opponent:

             Simple Overcall?   Penalty Double?


Wednesday, July 20

Class 2:  Responder Bidding

after Partner's Weak Preemptive Opening

    *  Responder bidding with Weak points as well

    *  Responder bidding with Strong points

    *  Opponent reacting after Responder bidding

Wednesday, July 27

Class 3: Weak Preemptive Overcalls

  *  Differences between Weak Preemptive Overcalls  and

          Simple Overcalls

  *  Opener and Responder reacting

         after Opponent makes a Preemptive Overcall


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