Play Bridge - Learn By Doing

Level Two - For Advanced Beginners


by Meagan Powell and Rosalind Powell



Play Bridge - Learn by Doing --The Yellow Book

  • Preface  – Continuing to Learn to Play Bridge

    After completing a beginning bridge course – like our Level One for Absolute Beginners - few students are ready to move on to new bridge information.  The majority of new players need to review what they have already learned and solidify their base of knowledge.  Therefore, in this Level Two book we have repeated the lesson content of most of the previous lessons.  In a few cases we have added a little supplementary information, and all the exercise material is new.

    Two new chapters deal with the subject of Opening Leads.  One chapter focuses on leads to No Trump Contracts and the other on leads to Suit Contracts.  Becoming good at opening leads usually does not occur until a player has quite a bit of experience, but, in the meantime, there are some guidelines that can be helpful to follow.