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        We Have a New Registration
        and Payment System!

Students may choose to:

    *  Register for the full Course

    * Sign up each week

    * Sign up all at once for specific weeks

Pick and choose individual classes
to attend in advance.


Follow these instructions for the enrollment page
to the right.

1. Choose the number of participants (Min 1, Max 2)

2. Click on the time of day you would like to attend

3. You will receive a new window
      where you finalize your enrollment information
       and make your payment

     In the new window, choose either:

          * Enroll in the Full Course
                     to attend all remaining sessions


           * Enroll in only the following Classes
                   to pick the specific dates
                   you would like to attend

                 (You may pay one week at a time, or
                   you make enroll/pay for multiple weeks
                   by choosing specific dates in the series.)


4.  Click on Book to go to the payment screen
         and complete the information there.


Find us on Facebook

Find us on Facebook

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