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All Players



SCORING Workshops

with Meagan Powell

Understanding How Scoring Works


3-week Series


All Players Who Need a Better Understanding

of How Duplicate Scoring Works


 When:  All times are Eastern Time

THURSDAYS:   June 9 - June 23

   Morning Session:  10:00am - 11:00am

   Evening Session:    7:00pm -    8:00pm




  These sessions are Zoom Lecture and Application.

  There is no online Play to these sessions.

        Meagan will walk through different topics

        while participants calculate results

        and interpret meaning


      Understanding Duplicate Scoring

      will help Players Understand their Results

      and Help them Make Better Decisions

      about Bidding and Play

WHAT:    Class Day Workshop and Application 

     * Pre-Class PDF Workshop Packet with work

        for Players to apply

     * Participants will be able to ask questions

     * We will discuss the meaning for players

         in each session of the workshops



    Class Size is Limited.    

    You may enroll in all 3 workshops or

             any individual workshop.

    Participants must enroll in each session

             to receive the Zoom link and

             Workshop packet

     Unable to attend?

     There will be a video for each session

              to explain the concepts.





Workshop Sessions are Free, BUT

Please Enroll

There are limited seats due to Zoom's Restrictions.

Please enroll to receive your Zoom link and

Workshop Packet.

Individual Topics for Each Week

Thursday, June 9

Calculating Raw Scores

Comparing Your Raw Scores to Others

    *  Understanding the Positive or Negative Score

           you see on your Shark or BBO Screen

    *  When is it okay that you earn a Negative Score?

    *  Earning the Better Negative Score

    *  Why the Raw Score is not the end point

     *  What are Masterpoints with the ACBL?


Thursday, June 16

Converting the Raw Score to Matchpoints

    *  Matchpoints - Leveling the Playing Field


    *  Why Your Score on One Board Isn't

              an Indication of Your Final Outcome

    *  Adding up Matchpoints to earn a Total Score

    *  Calculating Total Score in terms of Possible Score

    * Calculating Your Total Percentage

Thursday, June 23

Determining Your Actual Outcome

in a Duplicate Bridge Game

     *  Reviewing Matchpoint Calculation and Total Scores

     *  Reviewing Percentage Outcome

     *  Comparing Your Percentage to Others

     *  Assessing your Stratification in a Game 

     *  Understanding How You Place at the end of a Game

     *  Understanding Your Masterpoint Rewards

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