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What: Basic Trump Play of the Hand - Series I

Basic Trump Play of the Hand - Series II will follow Series I

When: Thursdays

December 10 - January 21

Session I:    10am - 11:30am

Session II:     7pm - 8:00pm

Where: Online in Zoom and Shark Bridge Software

How: Click here for detailed information and registration 

Looking to add your ACBL Number to your existing BBO account, go here.

Already have a BBO account but want to edit/change your profile, watch this video for information.

Get a Free Bridge Base Online (BBO)  ID


1.  Log into Bridge Base Online.


            Here is the link:



2.  You get a login screen that looks like this:

          Click the Register Button button

BBO - How to register

3.  You will be taken to a Registration page.


4.  Create a BBO Username  (BBO ID) up to 10 letters.  The text next to the box will show Available if nobody has chosen that username yet or Unavailable if you have to choose another.  You may have to work to find something available.

       Write down your username!

5.  Create a Password

        Write down your password!


6. Enter your email address

7.  Complete the basics of your profile for others and Directors to see​

      a.  Real Name - this helps to know who we are helping when you have problems.

      b. ACBL Number - only if you have one already and remember it. You can add this later. 

      c.  Skill Level - choose your skill level.  Please do not choose Private if you want to find Partners.

      d.  Country - chose USA

8.  Check the terms of service box and then click Register.

      (The Register button will not activate until you check the box)

      The system takes you to the Bridge Base Online Home Page but you have one final step before you log in.

9.  Go to your email (the address you entered above) and find the email from BBO

     with the subject "BBO Registration confirmation required."

     Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your registration.

     Now you may log into BBO with your new Username and Password and use BBO.

           Check your Spam Folder if you cannot find the Confirmation email.

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